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The name Laepple (Pronounced Lep' lee, in Germany Lep’la) is rare. It is one of those names few can pronounce correctly and even fewer spell. German name lexicon‘s indicate the root names as Lapp(e): Lappen: with its various spellings LÄPPLE; Lepple; Lapper; Lepper; etc. If your ancestors came from Wurttemberg, Germany and their name was Laepple or Lapple, we are possibly related. Three known principal groups of Laepple's emigrated to the United States in the 1800's. One group moved to a German settlement in Eudora, Kansas in the 1880’s, the second group to Philadelphia & Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the third group known as Lepley moved to Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Current research is on the following surnames:

{Laepple} Germany, Kansas 1883, Oklahoma City 1893, Mo.
                   (Also Lepley, Laepplin, Lepplin, Lepplen)
{Brauning} Germany, Kansas 1883, Oklahoma    (Also Breuning)
{Hampton} England, Va. 1620, SC., Ms., Ky., Tx., Ark., Ok., Mo.   (Also DeHampton)
{Bobbitt} Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas

{Corley} Wales, Virginia 1650, South Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma
{Hembree} Virginia Bef. 1759 , South Carolina, Arkansas, Oklahoma

{Stephens} England, Virginia 1680, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma    (Also Stevens & Steevens)
{Greer} Scotland, Maryland Abt.1675, Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri    (Also Grierson, MacGregor, & MacDungal)

{Cowan} England, Canada
{Montague} England, Canada, New England

Additional Surnames Researched:
Terrell,Thomas,Williams,Winger,Woods,and Yowell. 

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